Kathy Feist, Senior Publisher at Martin City Telegraph, recently reflected on the upcoming 6th anniversary of her newspaper:

“Every year at this time I fuss about the newspaper’s anniversary, which is October 26th. In this industry, it is indeed something to celebrate. This year the Telegraph becomes six years old and thanks to our advertisers, readers and contract employees, it’s had a healthy growth. Here’s a look back at the Telegraph’s growth chart:

  • In six years, the paper has grown from 8 pages to 16 or 20 pages.
  • Pass-around readership is 2-1/2 times circulation.
  • Advertisers have grown from half a dozen to about five dozen.
  • Our coverage area has expanded from south of I-435 to south of Gregory Blvd, now including Waldo, Grandview, and parts of Leawood and Belton.
  • In the past year, the number of subscribers has doubled from 200 to 400.
  • Free distribution has grown from 5,000 copies to 14,000.
  • In 2020 we started an online digital version of the paper for subscribers
  • The number of writers has grown from four to 12.
  • Distribution crew has grown from 1 to 7.

We have great plans for the upcoming year, including increasing the circulation and coverage area. Thank you all for contributing to the Martin City Telegraph story!!”

Standing l-r: Art Director Kady Weddle, Sports Reporter Max Goodwin, Director of Sales Dwight Barrett, Feature Writer Larry Hightower, Editorial Assistant Jill Draper, Columnist John Sharp, Feature Writer Sue Loudon. Seated l-r: Political News Reporter Tyler Schneider, Food Columnist Pete Dulin, Publisher/Editor Kathy Feist, Ad Rep/Writer Christina McDonough Hunt. Missing from photo: History Columnist Diane Euston, Movie Columnist Reed Ripley and Freelance Writer Shana Kempton. Photo by Bill Rankin