We Support Grandview C-4

The South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce heard from Royce Powelson of Grandview C-4 on Friday the 22nd. Powelson presented the New Bond Issue to the SKCCC Board of Directors. He highlighted that a vote to approve the New Bond for the school wouldn’t increase taxes.

After his presentation, the Board of Directors took a vote to support the New Bond. After tallying the votes, the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce made the unanimous decision to support Grandview C-4 School District.

We have provided more information below and encourage voters to vote in affirmation of this New Bond aimed at improving the Grandview School District.

Grandview Proposes New Bond that Wouldn’t Increase Taxes

The Grandview C-4 School District has put forth a $50 million bond proposal aimed at addressing crucial aspects within the district. This endeavor, primarily focusing on safety improvements, infrastructure updates, and facility renovations, highlights the district’s dedication to fostering an optimal learning environment for all students. Importantly, residents will not face any tax increase due to this proposal.

The proposed bond projects encompass a holistic approach to enriching the educational landscape. Here’s a summary of the main initiatives slated to receive priority funding:

  1. Safety and Security Enhancements: Implementing measures to fortify safety protocols and security systems district-wide.
  2. Renovations for Elementary and Middle Schools: Modernizing and rejuvenating facilities to align with the evolving needs of students and educators.
  3. Grandview High School Facility Upgrades: Investing in expansions and improvements to accommodate growth and enrich educational resources.
  4. District-Wide Technology Enhancement: Upgrading technology infrastructure to support innovative teaching methodologies and ensure equitable access to educational resources.
  5. Construction of a District Warehouse and Cold Storage Facility: Establishing a new facility to streamline logistics and enhance resource management across the district.
  6. HVAC System Upgrades: Improving heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems across district facilities to optimize indoor environments for learning.

Dr. Kenny Rodrequez, Superintendent of GC-4, emphasized, “The proposed bond issue presents a significant opportunity for the Grandview C-4 School District to implement impactful improvements that will benefit our students and community for years to come. We remain committed to ensuring prudent investment of every dollar to enhance the educational experience while upholding fiscal responsibility.”

Grandview School District 2024 bond issue

For more information, please contact:

Sheba Clarke
Public Relations Coordinator, Grandview C-4 School District

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