Tell us about Square One at the Mid-Continent Public Library.

Square One at Mid-Continent Public Library just launched a Career Services initiative to help not only individuals reskill for the new job market but also offer small businesses training resources for their employees. We want to help your employees grow with your business. All for free!

How many years has Square One been in business?

7 years


How many employees does Square One have?

Team of six involved with Square One, but 800 in total.


What sets the Square One apart from others in your industry?

Square One at MCPL is the premiere business/entrepreneurship support team in the world of public libraries.


What are some of the Square One’s successes or achievements that you are most proud of?

Our grant writing and PPP prep classes in March and April helped underserved entrepreneurs catch up to the application needs. We also teamed up with KC Sourcelink on a Pair Up with a Pro program to overcome barriers to PPP applications for small businesses without a CPA, Marketing Team, or banker.


What is an interesting fact about Square One that people might not know?

There are more databases on MCPL’s website than all the other libraries in the state of MO put together.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

We love video! Let us know if we need to make one about Career Services since it is new.

Mid-Continent Public Library

15656 E US Hwy 24
Independence, MO 64050

Main Contact Name: Morgan Perry
Phone: 816-848-4489