Our chamber members, Kingswood Senior Living, has been recognized as one of the top Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in Missouri. This recognition was given out by Newsweek, in partnership with Statista. Kingswood was given a great score for their care and excellent service provided to their residents.

Kingswood Accomplishes an Amazing Achievement

Newsweek measured Kingswood’s effectiveness by 2 categories.

The first category was their Professionalism Score, which includes Professional Recommendations from other businesses and a Care Level Assessment. The care level assessment measured the success in these categories: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care, and Memory Care.

The second category was their Acquaintance’s/Resident’s Score, which was measured through personal ratings given by residents over the past three years as well as quality of service. The metrics measured through the quality of service were as follows:

  • Accommodation
  • Commercial Services
  • Community Services
  • Financial Factors
  • Food
  • Overall Care
  • Overall Safety Measures
  • Overall Staffing

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

CCRCs are appearing as a good choice for older people. CCRCs give them freedom they want and the needed help to thrive. There are about 2,000 CCRCs in the U.S. currently and the number continues to grow. As more people age care of this kind can change along with their needs better than before.

Older folks today are more active than ever before. This has changed how senior living places work so that these match what they want. These groups now have many different things to do, such as exercise classes, planting flowers or vegetables, learning dance moves and talking about books. Whether people want to live alone, need help with daily tasks or nursing cares, these people need a facility that gives all needed services. Good service ensures that those reaching old age continue to live well. There is great respect given by the CCRCs to ensure everyone who lives there can do just that, live.

Congratulations again Kingswood! We are so proud of your achievement!

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Article Written by Blake Wright, Membership and Events Coordinator