With a unanimous 7-0 vote, the Hickman Mills C-1 School Board approves a teacher salary increase to make them the top paid in Kansas City, MO.* Starting salary for HMC-1 teachers is $46,500. That is $3,400 more than second-place Kansas City Public Schools. In addition, the HMC-1 scale tops out at $95,107. That is higher than second place Lee’s Summit School District which tops out at $87,128 on its comparable scale.

“It feels like the realization of a promise,” says Superintendent Yaw Obeng.

Since Superintendent Obeng arrived in 2020, HMC-1 teacher salaries have increased by more than 30 percent. Teachers received a more than 6 percent increase in 2021 and a more than 24 percent increase tonight.

“I think this sends a statement that we are dedicated to bringing quality instructors to our district and compensate them justly for their talents,” says Obeng.

The salary increase was made possible by voters who approved a 1.35 tax levy increase on August 2, 2022. The Hickman Mills School Board boldly asked the community to support the tax levy increase and a 20 million dollar no-tax bond, and the community responded.

“This is a dream that has come to reality for me,” says School Board President DaRon McGee. “I think this is crucial because it shows that the community wants to support our schools. This step clearly shows we want people to make a career here, which is key to moving the district forward.”

Hickman Mills is number one among the following comparison school districts: Belton, Blue Springs, Center, Grandview, Independence, KCPS, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, NKC, Park Hill, Ray-Pec, and Raytown.

HMC-1 Current Salary Scale in White and Newly Approved Salary Scale in Green