On November 11th, the South Kansas City Chamber was honored to help host a ribbon-cutting ceremony that announced the grand opening of Fowling Warehouse—an exciting and unique combination of football and bowling. We believe that this new venture will transform the sports entertainment options in our community.

We at the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce have long been dedicated to the growth of local businesses and growing our community positively for the better. So, being a part of Fowling Warehouse’s grand opening was a moment of immense joy for us. Fowling’s vision of creating a space where sports enthusiasts of all ages could come together aligns perfectly with our commitment to building a strong and interconnected community.

The ceremony brought together chamber members, local business owners, and our community, all eager to support this exciting venture. Charley Puhr and Dave Dunn, the owners of Fowling Warehouse Kansas City, were both excited, joyful, and radiating with pride as the founder, Chris Hutt, prepared to cut the ribbon. With the cut of the ribbon, we officially welcomed Fowling Warehouse into the heart of our community.

Fowling Warehouse isn’t just a unique sportstainment location; it’s a testament to the resilience, creativity, and community spirit that define South Kansas City. We, at the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, are proud to have played a role in supporting this venture. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Charley Puhr, Dave Dunn, and the entire Fowling Warehouse team for entrusting us with the honor of leading their ribbon-cutting ceremony. Together, we look forward to the continued success and positive impact that Fowling Warehouse is sure to bring to South Kansas City.

If you’re seeking a fresh and entertaining way to spend your evening, we emphatically recommend a visit to Fowling Warehouse. Join us in celebrating the success of local businesses that is embracing the spirit of community that defines South Kansas City.


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