Continuing Education Flyer

Presented by Jeanette Mertes, Community Service Director with Muehlebach Funeral Care, and hosted by Kingswood Senior Living, this course will educate you on the “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” program.  This continuing education class will provide all the necessary information to teach you the ins and outs of the program.

What is “Have the Talk of a Lifetime”

What is the “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” program? The program equips families and social workers to be able to ask the hard questions of elder family members and clients. Knowing what to ask is integral to honoring a person’s life story. It can be hard to find out what matters most to them. So the “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” program will teach you the right questions!

The information provided at the class will demonstrate how having the Talk of a Lifetime will preserve the information about what matters most to an individual. You will also learn how sharing this information will strengthen relationships with family members. The course offers practical advice and tools to document this information, which can also eventually be used for memorialization.

Continuing Education

This is also a certified continuing education resource for social workers by the state of Missouri. You may be able to use this certificate for other states or professions! But, we recommend you check with your licensing agency just to be sure it is applicable.

However, if you aren’t a social worker, don’t sweat it! This class is applicable to any and everyone!

The event will have beer, wine and appetizers for you to enjoy. So feel free to come right after work. They have you covered!

Jenny Mertes - Continuing Education Speaker

More About The Speaker

Jenny received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and and has many years of experience in human resources and small business accounting, in addition to extensive volunteer community service.

Jenny also serves on the Board of Directors of the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. With over 8 years in the funeral industry and over 10 years in Human Resources through federal government work, Jenny is uniquely qualified to teach for this education event.

Kingswood Senior Living

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Article Written by Blake Wright, Membership and Events Coordinator