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You may wish to leave your business for a variety of reasons.  No matter what the reason, be smart about how you make your exit.

  • Planning Your Exit  Do you know how you are going to exit your business?  You may have a dream of going public, selling to the highest bidder or retiring and handing over your business legacy to your family.
  • Steps to Closing a Business  If you are considering leaving your business here are some suggested steps to follow in closing your business.
  • Selling Your Business  If you decide that selling your business is the right exit strategy for you, be sure that you cover all your bases.
  • Transfer Ownership  As they say, all good things must come to an end.  Maybe you’d like to retire, or maybe it’s time to pass the family business to the next generation.
  • Legal Resources for Exiting a Business  There are many resources available to help you comply with the basic laws of conducting and exiting a business.  Here is just a brief listing of articles that offer general assistance in this area.
  • Liquidating Assets  If you have decided to get your of business and are not able to pass your business on, merge it with another business or sell it as a going concern, liquidating the assets could b e the most appropriate exit strategy.
  • Filing for Bankruptcy Protection  Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a painful decision, but you may find yourself in a position with no other options.  To protect yourself and your business, educate yourself about this course of action.