Do you smell that Kansas City? It’s Rockin’ Wok Thai. The new restaurant that just opened in the neighborhood of Martin City. These tasty tastes and delicious scents start today! We at the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to usher in Rockin’ Wok Thai’s grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony inside of the heart of Martin City.

Once the attendees had time to tour and enjoy the new space of the restaurant, we at the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce formally welcomed this incredible addition to dinning scene. The owners greeted the attendees and introduced what they hoped to accomplish as their chefs and staff prepared the food for all who were in attendance. The owners shared that their desire is to create a community center which would bring to one place different flavors, cultures, and people.


Desiring only the most authentic of tastes, Rockin’ Wok Thai promises to provide you with the tastes of Thailand right in your own neighborhood. Offering a variety of delicious Thai dishes, such as Crab Rangoon, Fresh Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Pho, Many Fried Rice Options, and more, this restaurant presents a plethora of different dishes to tantalize the taste buds.


The grand opening was a huge success, with many people attending the event to try out the new restaurant. Rockin’ Wok Thai invites you to come and experience their warm and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly, welcoming, and attentive staff are ready to serve! The restaurant is located at 330 E 135th St, Kansas City, MO 64145.




What a way to celebrate the wonderful and exciting new chapter of both Rockin’ Wok Thai and Martin City! We are so excited to see the future success of the restaurant.

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Article Written by Blake Wright, Membership and Events Coordinator