While natural gas is the most affordable form of energy, simple adjustments can help customers save even more

The first day of fall is here, and with cooler weather on the horizon, Spire is providing energy saving tips to help families stay warm while saving energy and money. 

Overall, choosing natural gas appliances and making adjustments to a home or business, can help customers save hundreds of dollars, improve energy efficiency and support the environment. According to the American Gas Association, the direct use of natural gas achieves more than 90% efficiency and cuts carbon emissions nearly in half.

“Natural gas is already the most affordable form of energy, but with simple adjustments, customers can save even more,” said Shaylyn Dean, manager of energy efficiency at Spire. “We want to make sure customers are making the most of their money and their energy.”

Spire recommends the following tips to keep homes comfortable, manage energy usage, and save money:

  • During the day, open curtains on south-facing windows to let sunlight heat the home. Close them at night to reduce potential incoming cold from any drafty windows
  • If windows feel drafty, install insulating drapes or shades to prevent cold air from seeping in around the seals
  • Set thermostats back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day. On average that saves $10 for every $100 spent on energy usage 
  • Seal areas around the home where air could come in. These leaky areas often can be found around pipes that connect to the outside, chimneys, unfinished spaces behind cupboards, recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and closets. It’s also recommended to use caulk or weather stripping around leaky doors and windows to seal air leaks
  • Replace furnace filters once a month or as needed. Also, have a furnace serviced annually to help keep systems operating efficiently
  • Keep clutter away from heaters, registers, and radiators
  • Place fabric seals at the bottom of doorways and windows. In a pinch, roll up a towel and place that under your doorway.

Customers can even manage their home’s energy use when they’re away with a programmable thermostat. Spire offers up to 50% in rebates for this energy-saving device.

For more information on Spire rebates for energy efficient items such as furnaces, water heaters and thermostats, visit www.spireenergy.com/rebates.

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