We are thrilled to share the groundbreaking of the HMC-1 Real-World Learning Center, a visionary initiative that promises to revolutionize education in our community. The ceremony, held on December 6th, 2023, was a testament to the district’s commitment to preparing students for the challenges of the future.

A Hub of Innovation and Collaboration:

The Real-World Learning Center will be more than just a building. The center will be a vibrant hub where students, educators, and community members can come together to learn, collaborate, and innovate. This unique space will offer a variety of programs, opportunities, and uses including:

  • Health Sciences
  • Skilled Trades
  • A Microschool
  • Student Run Coffee Shop
  • District Store
  • Alternative programming
  • Adult Learning Classes
  • ESOL Classes
  • Headquarters for the HMC-1 Board Office
  • Professional Development Space

Investing in the Future of Education:

We understand that education is one of the foundational bedrocks of any society. For this reason, we continue to support HMC-1 for offering students more robust opportunities such as this. Through this endeavor, students will learn the crucial competencies that will be essential for them in the outside world. The Real-World Learning Center is such a strong investment in the tomorrow for our community. We believe in its success and know it will lead to better lives for generations after us.

A Symbol of Progress and Growth:

The transformation of the former Pinnacle building represents tremendous advancement in education. It represents HMC-1’s pledge for innovating, collaborating, and creating opportunities for all people.

Community Engagement:

HMC-1 is committed to open communication and community engagement. The Real-World Learning Center will offer evening learning opportunities, providing access to education for the entire community. We encourage everyone to get involved in some way to ensure this venture leads to a successful growth of future students.

The Power of Dreams and Unity:

The groundbreaking ceremony was an event signifying the hope and optimism towards a better future. This project shows that dreams unite us and remind us that education can make the world a better place. The Real-World Learning Center will provide many opportunities to the community. We are excited to see the incredible things that will be achieved within its walls.





Article Written by Blake Wright, Membership and Events Coordinator