Since their inception in 2018, the heartbeat of Three Trails Community has been to create and strengthen the community in the South Kansas City area.

No one could have foreseen the devastating toll that COVID-19 was going to take on our communities and communities across the globe. Weeks and months of quarantine have caused many businesses to suffer or close completely. Behind each of these businesses is a person or family that has sacrificed and invested in a dream to bring the community together by means of food, shopping, and/or entertainment. Some of these businesses simply will not be able to survive for much longer if we as a community don’t do something to help.

Just like many other businesses and places of worship, Three Trails has spent countless hours brainstorming how to safely begin meeting again as a community. After much consideration, they felt it was best to maintain an online presence and hold off on meeting again until the fall. However, for any business or place of worship to properly function, people need to gather to buy things and worship together as a community. How can they do this during a pandemic? They got creative!

In partnership with the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Three Trails is encouraging people to meet every Sunday at a local “Business of the Week.” A business will be chosen each week for participants to spend their money at and hopefully give that business the boost they need to get back on their feet again. ALL members of the South KC community are invited to participate by dining in or picking up carry-out at local restaurants highlighted each week on Three Trails Community Facebook page or the South KC Chamber’s Facebook page.

This effort will happen each Sunday, from June 7- August 30. Can’t be there on Sundays? No problem! These businesses would appreciate your support on any day of the week so anything you can do to support our locally owned South KC businesses helps!

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