St. Joseph Medical Center Pays Attention to Seniors

23 Jan 2017 2:51 PM | Anonymous

St. Joseph Medical Center believes seniors deserve special attention in healthcare. St. Joseph has developed a program called Senior Comfort Services. The program is designed help seniors navigate their care.

More than 10,000 "baby boomers" turn 65 every day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and AARP, America is not fostering age-friendly policies and practices that reflect this trend in our communities. For this reason, St. Joseph has developed a program called Senior Comfort Services to focus on delivering top notch care for the senior population. The service line includes the senior comfort emergency room, senior care inpatient program, and a preferred post-acute facility network.

“We've made some changes to help our seniors feel more comfortable and confident while they receive treatment” says Jodi Fincher, Administrator. Dr. Ryan Sears is a Board-Certified Geriatrician overseeing the care of senior inpatients. Our Transitions Nurse Practitioner along with our senior care manager follow the patient post discharge, within our preferred network, to reduce gaps in care upon leaving the hospital. Our age-friendly spaces focus is on making treatment more accessibility, safe and comfortable for our aging population:

  • More privacy - Quiet areas which are large enough to accommodate the dignity of the patient and extra seating for family members who often need to be with older loved ones receiving treatment.
  • Warmer environment - Temperatures in the rooms reflect the needs of older patients, whose bodies don't keep them as warm as they used to.
  • Blankets that have been warmed are available at all times.
  • Larger, easy-to-read clocks and signage. Large-print magazines are available to read while waiting.
  • Softer-colored surroundings with better lighting and dimmers giving patients control of their environment.
  • Assistive devices for hearing and vision.
  • Slip-resistant floors with handrails and grab bars.

St Joseph is committed to going above and beyond to meet our patient’s needs. Our Senior Comfort Services shows our commitment not only to our patients but to our community.

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