Annual SKCC Membership Investment

Business Membership:
(2 part-time employees  = 1 full-time)
     1-5 employees   $230
     6-10 employees  $275
     11-25 employees $330
     26-50 employees  $440
     51-125 employees  $550
     126-250 employees  $660
     251-500 employees $825    
     501 + employees  $1100

Not-For-Profit & Civic Organizations:*
Must have an operating budget of $500,000 or less.  All others classify as business memberships

*All memberships are subject to a one-time administrative fee of $25.00

South KC Chamber of Commerce

406 E. Bannister Road, Suite F
Kansas City, MO 64131-3028

Phone: (816) 761-7660
Fax: (816) 761-7340





South Kansas City is one of the fastest growing areas in the KCMO metropolitan area. Millions of investment dollars are being spent in this region, which makes it a prime location for businesses to grow and prosper. 

The South KC Chamber is dedicated to working with KCMO's city leadership, our business members, and local community organizations to create a positive, growth-oriented business environment in South Kansas City. We would love to support your company's growth too! 


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