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South Kansas City Chamber Events Calendar

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 10 Morning Mingle
Jan 13 Legislative Breakfast
Jan 19 Networking Luncheon
Jan 27 "Passing the Torch" Ceremony for Otto Service
Feb 03 Legislative Breakfast
Feb 07 Morning Mingle
Feb 09 86th Annual Dinner
Mar 23 Networking Luncheon
Apr 07 Legislative Breakfast
Apr 11 Morning Mingle
Apr 20 Networking Luncheon
Apr 25 Open House/VIP Sneak Peek - Kingswood Retirement Living
May 02 Morning Mingle
May 08 (copy) Morning Mingle
May 12 Ribbon Cutting - MC Crossfit
May 18 Networking Luncheon
May 23 Legislative Breakfast
Jun 08 27th Annual Golf Tournament
Jun 27 Ribbon Cutting - St. Joseph Medical Center
Jun 29 Networking Luncheon
Jul 11 Morning Mingle
Jul 27 Networking Luncheon
Aug 01 Morning Mingle
Aug 17 Networking Luncheon
Aug 19 Explore South Kansas City Bus Tour
Aug 25 Ribbon Cutting - KC Cookie Dough Madness
Sep 12 Morning Mingle
Sep 21 Networking Breakfast
Sep 22 Time Capsule Burial and Ribbon Cutting
Oct 03 Morning Mingle
Oct 03 Ribbon Cutting - Southside Bar & Grille
Oct 14 South KC Block Party
Oct 19 Networking Breakfast
Oct 24 Ribbon Cutting - St. Joseph Medical Center Inpatient Senior Friendly Unit
Oct 26 Ribbon Cutting - Ward Parkway Center Restaurant Pavilion
Oct 26 13th Annual Mega Chamber Office Party
Nov 03 Ribbon Cutting - Empanada Madness
Nov 16 Ribbon Cutting - Martin City Telegraph
Dec 08 Ribbon Cutting - MidiCi Pizza
Dec 12 Ribbon Cutting - Astra Day School/Kansas City Autism Training Center
Dec 14 Membership Lunch - Future of the Bannister Federal Complex Lunch
Dec 19 Ribbon Cutting - McDonald's

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South Kansas City is one of the fastest growing areas in the KCMO metropolitan area. Millions of investment dollars are being spent in this region, which makes it a prime location for businesses to grow and prosper. 

The South KC Chamber is dedicated to working with KCMO's city leadership, our business members, and local community organizations to create a positive, growth-oriented business environment in South Kansas City. We would love to support your company's growth too! 


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